August 2019


We put together our favorite dark books with birds for this epic theme! Not only are you going to get a copy of The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen, but it will feature SPRAYED EDGES and a SIGNED BOOK PLATE!  Did we mention you'll also receive a Merciful Crow sorting candle! This is our first two-way sorting candle! Each candle will sort by color and further sort with a collectible charm hidden under the color piece! Then you'll still be receiving a wooden wick candle and 3 other goodies! Included fandoms are Nevernight, Game of Thrones, Six of Crows, An Enchantment of Ravens and The Merciful Crow!

August's Candle Crate ships August 19th - 23rd


A Jam Packed Crate for Every Book Lover!

We wanted to create a book box that wasn't held to any restrictions! We always announce our book along with the theme! This opens up our freedom to include, Young Adult, Adult and even sequels without having to create a more expensive special edition box! Each boxes comes with a newly released and highly anticipated book, one of our famous sorting candles, a wooden wick candle and 1-3 other high quality items! All items will be based on our theme of the month!

We are so excited to blend our love of books with our already successful candle company! We hope you are ready for all the amazing things we have planned for our Candle Crate! 

The Perfect Blend 

We've taken our love of book boxes and combined them with our highly success candle business.  We wanted to bring you the best of both worlds with our Candle Crate! Each box is curated with a newly released highly anticipated book, one of our famous Sorting Candles, a wooden wick candle and 1-3 other high quality bookish items!


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